We are a team of passionate business and technology professionals who respect quality, and simplicity. We have a good blend of solutions, product development and consulting expertise.

We listen, learn, and lead.



Previously led the Cloud center of excellence for a leading IT services organisation. Tea Connoisseur, Gamer, Audiophile, and drives an old Royal Enfield whenever he manages to start it. Hard core architect. Knows everything under the sun. Try it. Decades of hands-on experience. IASA Certified Architect.



Spent the last decade designing mobile solutions for enterprises around the globe. Loves to take things apart and see how they might work better. Likes a good laugh. An ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker focused on innovation and change. Our great colleague from the southern hemisphere.


Chief Artist

Born creative. Calligraphy, camera and coffee. Can represent complex ideas with simple and extra-ordinary visuals. Original works creator, with intense customer focus, and loads of experience. Wants to open a photo studio. A true artist who likes to live on the edge.



Previously the lead architect for a global automotive giant. Smart cookie. The fastest learner in the team. Gets frustrated with low quality. Give him time, and he will know your business better than you. Hard core technical architect. Decades of hands-on experience. Silent and significant contributor.



Previously a lead solutions architect for an IT major. Avid photographer. Drives an old Fiat and still thinks its the best car in the world. Focussed. Hard core architect and very hands-on. Expert in story telling. Very good with nurturing teams. Most wanted by customers worldwide. Update : Not driving the fiat anymore.



Previously, a Senior institution builder at a global non-profit organisation. Creates technology infrastructure for the citizen sector. Swimmer, and Traveler. Led open source initiatives, and multi-million dollar programs successfully. Specializes on social impact projects. Microsoft certified Architect. Update- Drives Umesh’s old fiat now.